VP-410 Series – Four-Station BalerCompression Baggers

VP-410 Series – Four-Station Baler


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  • VP-410 Series – Four-Station Baler - 1
  • Four station baler - Compression bagger for wood shavings
VP-410 Series – Four-Station Baler VP-410 Series – Four-Station Baler - 1 Four station baler - Compression bagger for wood shavings Four station baler - Bag magazine for compression bagger
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Designed for packaging compressible materials such as natural or synthetic fibers, the VP-410 is a reliable fully automatic baler which offers one of the best compression ratios on the market. Appreciated for its versatility, the VP-410 can handle a wide variety of products and can package them in many different bag sizes.

The VP-410 consists of an indexing turntable with four stations, each with a specific function. The first station (bag feeding/bale ejecting station) is a bag feeder which transfers the filled bale on an outfeed conveyor and places a new bag in the compression tube. Product is fed in the bag at the second station (filling station), and then compressed at the third station (compression station). The fourth station (sealing station) is a bag-closing module that seals the filled bag.

All modules are operated by a single programmable logic controller through a user-friendly operator interface. The bagging system offers a full line of options and is built for specific customer needs.


  • Best compression force reaching up to 7.5 imperial tons (155 kN)
  • Servo drive controlled table rotation for improved reliability and smoother operation
  • Quiet door closing with better movement control
  • High-performance sealer temperature controller
  • Dual drawer bag magazine with automatic toggling
  • Quick bag loading and bag change
  • Rugged construction including widely used standard components requiring minimum maintenance
  • Small footprint
  • Reliable DLR network system (Ethernet/IP)
  • User-friendly color touch screen operator interface
  • Single and multiple compression modes
  • Meeting North American and European (EU) safety standards
  • Best baler for peat moss and substrates


  • Volumetric feeder specially designed for quick and stable feeding
  • Extra compression force for hard-to-compress materials
  • Product level detection system
  • Extra tube kit for additional bale size