Chronos Richardson

Chronos Richardson

Premier Tech acquired Chronos Richardson in 2002. Founded in 1881, Chronos Richardson was a leading manufacturer of packaging systems and equipment for powders and granular materials. Its main product lines included weighing systems, open-mouth bagging systems, valve bag filling systems and palletizing systems. This acquisition has been extremely important to complete and diversify Premier Tech’s existing packaging lines. Premier Tech integrated these technologies into Premier Tech Chronos’ product portfolio in America, Asia and Europe.

If you own Chronos Richardson equipment, Premier Tech Chronos offers complete after-sales service and original parts for this brand. As a result, Chronos Richardson equipment users now have access to a specialized after-sales team with a global reach.


On November 6, 2012, Premier Tech Chronos became the majority shareholder of Chronos Richardson India Pvt.LTD with 60% of all the shares. In collaboration with Premier Tech Chronos, Chronos Richardson India Pvt. LTD will continue to meet the expectations and requirements of the market while making sure to satisfy the needs of its local customers with a line of products and services offered through a manufacturing and engineering base that relies on qualified and experienced Indian team members.  

Parts and Service

The Client Services team of Premier Tech Chronos comprises a large group of passionate specialists dedicated to after-sales services. Our portfolio of products and services is extremely wide and adapted to your most specific needs. We are thus committed to providing you with the most valuable services in the industry. Our main goal is to ensure that you have all the support you need, and we strive to help you reach the highest Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Visit the Client Services section to access a wide range of services: technical support, online spare parts ordering, retrofits and upgrades, preventive maintenance programs, training, field services, etc.

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