Is support from your technical support desk free of charge?

YES, it is free. You may call our direct service line 24/7 to reach our technical support team.

What is the standard warranty for equipment from PREMIER TECH CHRONOS?

One full year on all non wear and tear parts from the date the equipment arrives at the customer’s site.

Why should I join any of the PM Programs?

Firstly, having an expert come on site to monitor your equipment once or even twice per year will help in the longevity of your equipment and will certainly help you achieve your overall productivity level.

Secondly, our service representative will keep you updated on all retrofits/upgrades available for your equipment that may improve your production capabilities. PREMIER TECH CHRONOS invests millions of dollars every year in R&D to develop new options and upgrades for existing platforms. We would like to let our customers benefit from this.

Finally, our service representative will be able to give your operator(s) a quick refresher course on how to troubleshoot when mechanical, pneumatic, software or electrical problems arise.

At the end of a service visit, do we receive some sort of detailed report?

Absolutely! The service technician will carry out a thorough examination of your equipment, as a car dealer would do with your vehicle. An assessment report will be provided with recommendations on suggested parts replacement and a maintenance action plan.

How many service technicians do you have at PREMIER TECH CHRONOS?

We currently have a total of over 140 Field Service Technicians worldwide.

How fast can you supply me with spare parts?

Our ultimate goal is to achieve the 48-hour status for all parts (from the time the P.O. has been issued to the parts arriving on site).

Where do spare parts come from?

The location of our 8 spare parts depots worldwide: AMERICA: Quebec (Canada), Utah (USA), Alabama (USA) and Jundiai, SP (Brazil). Client Services Centre in California (USA). EUROPE: The Netherlands. Client Service Centres in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Lithuania ASIA: Thailand, India and China. Client Service Centres in Vietnam and Indonesia.

Are all of your spare parts proprietary?

No. None of our regular “off-the-shelf” parts are proprietary to PREMIER TECH CHRONOS.

Can PREMIER TECH CHRONOS Client Services provide us with suggested spare parts lists so we can have parts on our shelves for quick replacement?

Of course. You just have to contact our service team and we will provide you with a suggested parts list and pricing.

Should we take the modem option when purchasing equipment from PREMIER TECH CHRONOS?

Undoubtedly YES. It is a “must” for troubleshooting from a distance. That is the only way we can fix software glitches without having to come to your site.