Retrofits & Modernization Retrofits & Modernization

For Premier Tech Chronos, retrofitting means innovating to achieve our clients’ business objectives. We see challenges as a golden opportunity to get closer to our customers and to work together to help them find a solution. We want to give them more reliability by reducing their downtime, thus allowing them to increase their productivity. In other words, we can turn older equipment into state-of-the-art equipment.

Over the years, our extensive IR&D programs have led to the continuous improvement of our equipment lines. Benefit from the skills and expertise of a team that works in partnership with you to optimize your existing packaging lines.

The first step is very simple: listening to our customers to understand their situation. Then, whether by installing new modules developed through our IR&D programs, by developing modules adapted to your situation or simply by listening to a great idea from your operators, we will analyze every possible avenue to find the solution that suits you best.

Our retrofits and upgrades come in the form of software upgrades, mechanical parts, electrical components or a combination of these.


• Increased production
• Improved equipment reliability
• Reduced operating costs
• Increased employee safety
• Faster changeovers
• Latest technology to overcome obsolescence issues

Safety retrofits

Respect for safety and security standards in the workplace is increasing. Moreover, all new industrial equipment is designed according to these standards. However, it is important to ensure the same level of security with older equipment. Premier Tech Chronos has a Senior Standards & Safety Engineer to find security updates for your equipment and help you to apply them.

• Upgrade to ANSI/PMMI B155.1-2006 or other standards
• Protective guards, safety light curtains, sensors, fences, etc.
• Safety assessment
• Lockout procedure
• Dead man’s switch



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