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Double Stacker
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Premier Tech Chronos double stackers take single unit loads and consistently and efficiently stack one on top of the other, eliminating the need for fork truck drivers picking and stacking loads. When loads are presented to the fork truck drivers, loads are already prepared for storage and/or transportation. The double stackers use Premier Tech Chronos' 3,000lb hoist design, that has been field proven for over 30 years, to lift the first load allowing a second load to convey in under the raised load. The VFD hoist, along with a series of photo eyes, gently lowers the raised load onto the load below. The two loads are then conveyed out from the double stacker.


  • Reverse operation for de-stacking
  • Custom infeed/outfeed configurations to alter the order of the unit loads being stacked
  • Special paint colors can be accommodated.
  • Conveyor systems to meet specific application