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The Integrated Packer is a single HMI used to control and monitor an entire bagging system, which may comprise several valve bag fillers, bag placers, bag sealers and a robot applicator. Product changeovers can be handled by simply making a single menu selection. A dashboard-style display with indicators provides at-a-glance and real-time information to operations, maintenance and management personnel.

The Integrated Valve Bag Packer can also handle a wide range of products since it is designed to integrate air packers, impeller packers and auger packers.


  • One single HMI that controls scale(s), packer(s), sealer(s) and applicator
  • Automated machine adjustments eliminate the need for an operator to enter the packaging cell
  • Ethernet communication to the HMI and to manager’s desktop
  • Highest level of accuracy in the valve bag packaging industry

Multiple-machine control

  • Packers: The Integrated Packer integrates air packers, impeller packers or auger packers with state-of-the-art control and communication.
  • Applicator: The robot applicator is completely integrated into the control system of the Integrated Packer.
  • Sealers: The Clean Pak II Ultrasonic Sealer effectively closes the bag’s valve before it is moved from its original filling position.