Solutions for Totes

With more than 60 years of experience in the design of state-of-the-art palletizing systems, vonGAL has become an expert in developing fast and reliable palletizers for products such as totes. Whether you need a high level palletizer or a low level palletizer for totes, vonGAL has a comprehensive range of systems to offer. These systems can be high-speed totes palletizers or mid-speed totes palletizers, depending on your budget and on the production rate required. 

As part of Premier Tech’s Industrial Equipment Group, vonGAL can also provide its customers with several tote handling and packaging systems. This broad range of products includes conveyors, robotic palletizers, rotary arm stretch wrappers, stretch hooders, etc.  

No matter the scope of your project, vonGAL manufactures tote handling solutions for small- and large-scale productions.For more information on our totes palletizers or on any other equipment for totes, see the list below:

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