15 ربيع الأول 2016


Combine the strengths of a conventional palletizer with those of a robotic palletizer – that was the idea behind PTC’s new APR Series Robotic Hybrid Palletizer. After carefully studying the market and client demands, Engineering Supervisor Éric Savoie’s team concluded that it was worth developing this type of equipment.

The goal was to design a hybrid palletizer that would have the flexibility of a robot and the reliability of a conventional palletizer. As Patrick Dargis, Product Coordinator at PTC, explains, “By combining the conventional module and the robotic module, we are able to offer a more complete solution for all markets looking to reduce bag overhang on the pallet.”

The APR Series was designed to automatically position products of varying sizes on a pallet. The strengths of the new equipment rest on its squaring consistency, made possible by four alignment bars and its ability to palletize different patterns by overlapping the ends of the bags.

PTC is among the first manufacturers of this type of hybrid technology in North America. With a production rate of approximately 25 Bags per minute and a compact design that optimizes factory space, coupled with the flexibility of the FANUC robot, the APR Series once again demonstrates the engineering know-how of PTC. As Dargis explains, “The APR Series came out of a vision we adapted to our clients’ specific needs and a desire to stand out from the rest of the field by combining two proven technologies on the market.”

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7 ربيع الأول 2016