Automatic Bagging Machine for Tapioca Starch Manufacturers

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OML-1080 Automatic Bagging Machine – The Solution for Tapioca Manufacturers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and industries have slowed down considerably and the tapioca industry is no exception. Over the past year, the tapioca industry saw a decline in both investment and export. However, not everything is in sleep mode in this industry as some manufacturers take this slow period as an opportunity to enhance and develop new machinery solutions. Automatic bagging machines, for example, are brought in to improve product quality, allowing a company to distinguish itself from the competitors and prepare for the economic recovery once the pandemic has passed.

For the tapioca starch industry, one of the toughest challenges is the packaging. Even though most manufacturers nowadays use an automatic bagging system, which makes production much easier than before, there remains various packing concerns that could potentially cause damage to the product. In this article, we will discuss the issues as well as the solutions that not only fix the typical problems, but also upgrade the tapioca starch packaging process in the most efficient way.

tapioca automatic bagging premier tech

Do manufacturers truly understand the challenges of tapioca starch packaging?

Almost all, if not all, tapioca starch manufacturers are already familiar with the automatic bagging system; nonetheless, the system can still be improved if the manufacturers recognize the problems and challenges and are willing to find better solutions. tapioca starch in particular requires a complicated packing process and extra care from the manufacturers. Without an appropriate packing device, manufacturers may end up with poorer product quality, which then leads to many other issues. 

  • Even though Tapioca starch is not liquid, it is still a powdering substance. It is incredibly light and very airy, making starch extremely difficult to bag. Therefore, the typical automatic bagging machines might not be able to control the weight of the starch bag in a precise manner. 
  • With its light and airy quality, the starch could clog the machine and cause damages to the system. And if left unfixed, the maintenance costs would definitely pile up over time.
  • The machine may heat up during the packing process, creating moisture which could lead to coagulation around the rim of the bag. This issue not only obstructs the packing itself, but may also affect the quality of the product. 
  • Certain automatic bagging systems still require human interference. As such, they are at higher risk of contamination, which directly impacts the product quality as well as the manufacturer’s credibility. 
  • Many automatic bagging systems do not support bags or pouches of particular sizes which limits future product development. 
  • One of the most prevalent issues in manufacturing facilities is the maintenance process. When an error occurs with the bagging machine, the manufacturers or even the engineers are unable to fix it by themselves as there are multiple functions that require specialists from the parent company of the machine. And most of these companies are not located in Thailand, causing even further delays to the production process. 

Finding the Right Solution for Powder Products 

Turn all the limits and obstacles into advantages through systematic problem-solving. The right solution should not only ensure the top quality of your products, but would make the entire process more responsive and convenient. Businesses should start with these steps:

  1. First, the manufacturers and employees need to understand the nature of their product and closely observe the issues that often occur in their production line. Do not make assumptions as they may lead to the wrong solution and money being wasted. 
  2. Sanitation is at the heart of everything, from designing the easy-to-clean, contamination-free production line, to regulating the hygiene of every employee involved in the entire process.
  3. Make use of new technology, which is both cost-saving and problem-solving. The automatic bagging machine, for example, is great for the packaging of free flowing materials such as rice grains and plastic pellets. In addition, there are automatic bagging machines specially tailored for the packaging of tapioca starch, such as the OML-1080 Series from Premier Tech, which come with a multitude of functions. 

Automatic Bagging Machine OML-1080 Series: Transforming an Issue into an Innovation

The Automatic Bagging Machine OML-1080 Series from Premier Tech is developed by experienced specialists who possess keen insights on Tapioca starch and powder packaging, making it an innovation that can help prevent and solve the issues surrounding the entire packing process.

  • The OML 1080 Series comes with a Double Screw Feeder system that controls the flow of the starch.
  • One of the highlights of this machine is the Air Purge System. It helps cool down the starch and lower the humidity level, preventing the starch from coagulating due to overheating. 
  • The Vaku System was designed to deal with the air within the starch. It extracts air from the bag without disturbing the starch itself to ensure the precise weight of the product. 
  • The Secondary Deaeration System installed within the automatic bagging machine will push the air out of the bag before sealing.
  • The Auto System makes it easy to maintain the sanitation and lower the contamination rate during the packing process, ensuring the highest quality of product from the manufacturer to the end user. 
  • Manufacturers can customize the size and weight they need via the system setting. The machine can support bags of up to 1.20 meters in length.
  • The device acts as both a weighing scale and an automatic bagging machine. And with its compact size, the machine saves both time and space for the manufacturer. 

Productivity enhancement starts with finding the right solution for your existing issues. Businesses must understand the issues they are facing in order to choose the most appropriate solutions. Once the problems have been eliminated, they can then move forward to other enhancement processes, such as improving the product quality. To reduce the overall investment cost, as well as eliminate the frustrating issues in the production process, an advanced automatic bagging system, along with a team of specialists who will closely monitor the machine, would be the best solution. 

Premier Tech is a leading automatic bagging machine manufacturer. We offer a variety of applications for different types of businesses. In addition to the existing models developed by our team of experts, we also offer a custom-made service – tailoring the machine to perfectly fit the unique requirements of each manufacturer. We also provide “Client Solutions” an after sales service provided by our team in Thailand. They will handle maintenance, offer consultations on upgrades and enhancements, and provide training on how to use the automatic bagging machine for the companies and staff involved.