An Automated Security System Factories Can Rely On

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When considering investing in an automated system and the cost savings it can provide, you should also think about the budget and time wasted on accidents in the factory. Safety is just as important as getting results. If you are looking for an automatic bagging machine that ensures both safety and quality, Premier Tech would like to introduce you to the OML-1060-E and the larger OML-1140-E with various functions that have earned the trust of many factories worldwide.

What’s Risky About Manual Bagging Machines?

Because bagging machines consist of a complex moving part, electric circuit part ,and machines require humans, which sometimes put operators at risk while performing their job. When an accident happens, If they're lucky, the machine stops automatically, with only minor injuries, but if not, it could be mutilation or even fatal. Indeed, when humans and machines work together, there are always chances for accident to occur, for instance: 

  • Sometimes, workers may have to adjust something within the machine, such as a bag or foreign object stuck inside, preventing the machine from working. In this case, if it is done without the proper precautions and the machine isn't turned off properly, it could continue working with people inside, which could cause serious injury.
  • With some models of bagging machines, power surges can cause certain parts to rebound, which can cause injury. 
  • As some processes require manual intervention, it's easy for hands or legs to get stuck inside the machine.

Upgrade Your Bagging Machine To A More Secure Automatic Bagging Machine from Premier Tech

To fill the place of manual machines, which are not as safe as they should be, our engineering team at Premier Tech have worked with customers from various factories and with those resourceful  information, they are able  to develop the security system to our automatic bagging machines with a 3-level solution to create a safer production line.

1. Mechanical Safety System

Premier Tech's machines can be divided into three parts, with safety measures connected to the whole machine and safety stickers highlighting important warnings.

  • The inside of the machine is considered the most dangerous part. Sometimes, it is inevitable for workers to get inside the machines when a problem occurs. When this happens, the sensor installed in each door will emit a sound and automatically instruct the bagging machine to stop working until the problem is fixed. Or in the case of maintenance, we have designed a closed system that can only be opened for maintenance when the machine is not working. The steps to open the machine, attached to the lid, are detailed, complicated and take time, so it's guaranteed that the machine will stop working before people can access it.
  • The area outside the machine could also be a safety concern. Sometimes there will be parts sticking out, which can cause injury, so we installed a safety fence to prevent any harm to workers.
  • The working area of the machine controller. Although there is no direct risk of harm in this area, we also installed an emergency button for the controller to manually stop the machine when unexpected events occur.

2. Pneumatic Safety System

Bagging machines need wind power together with electricity to work. However, turning the machine on can be risky since the wind could come through in a higher or lower amount than required, which could yank the pneumatic cylinder open and cause harm. This is why, in our automatic bagging machine, we developed a pneumatic security system that consists of wind parameters and tools to adjust before turning the machine on each time, for a smooth operation.

  1. If the wind power is too high, the tools will lower down to the proper level, but if the wind power is not enough, the system will emit warning signals and shut down the wind power distribution of the whole system, so the machine stops working.
  2. Double valves are used to control the pneumatic system, which must be turned on manually and electronically before the machine starts functioning.

3. Electrical Safety System

One of the most important powers that drive most machines is electric power. For the machine to work smoothly and safely, we have a security system that constantly checks the electric units and whether they are at the normal level; if not, the machine will not work.


4 Reasons why Automated Bagging Machines Are Safer

Premier Tech has always been committed to manufacturing automatic bagging machines focusing on speed, cost-saving and worker safety. Automatic bagging machines are safer than manual bagging manchines for many reasons, including:

  1. They reduce accidents where workers get hurt while working in the machine as the automated system does all the risky jobs for you.
  2. The machines have sensors and emergency buttons installed around the machine to reduce damage and increase safety. 
  3. Electrical accidents are reduced as if the electricity distribution does not work correctly, the machine will not start working, and there will be an alarm to notify workers of such mishaps.
  4. Automatic machines reduce the work in high-risk areas, e.g. high temperature or polluted areas that might make workers sick. Moreover, there is a specific area for the controller which reduces distractions and creates clear boundaries.

If you are looking for a bagging machine that fixes all of your problems, whether it be production speed, quality, or cleanliness, automatic bagging machines are significantly better than manual systems. If you want to make your factory a workplace where your employees feel at ease, whilst also reducing costs in the long run, Premier Tech is happy to give you advice on the OML-1140-E and OML-1060-E automatic bagging machines. These models comply with international security standards and come with after-sales service, maintenance and help from the staff stationed in Thailand. We are ready to partner with you and support your every success.

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