Fertilizer Bagging Machines: Faster and Better

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Automatic Bagging System: A Solution for Fertilizer Manufacturers

Agriculture has undoubtedly been a major driving force behind Thailand’s economic growth. However, the industry has been subject to various uncontrollable factors, from the weather conditions to the global economy, which have not only caused fluctuations in production and pricing, but also impacted other related industries, including the fertilizer industry, one of the primary suppliers for the agricultural industry. As a result it has become clear that a precise and agile manufacturing process is required in order to best prepare for any challenges to come. And so, with efficiency in mind, automation is being introduced to improve the production process.

For fertilizer manufacturers seeking to increase productivity without sacrificing the quantity and quality of their products, Premier Tech would like to highlight the benefits of the fertilizer bagging machine and explain how automation can help you maximize profits and seize more profitable opportunities in the future.

High Demand, High Price

Over the past year, the economic downturn, combined with export restrictions, has resulted in higher production costs. Other factors that have contributed to increased manufacturing costs include crude oil price increases, container shortages, and rising freight rates. However, as people are now consuming more agricultural products and the drought is gradually easing, the agricultural sector is continuing to expand. As a result, fertilizers are in high demand, and the prices are relatively stable, with the potential to rise. According to TMB Analytics, the fertilizer industry is forecasted to grow by 2.5% in 2021 – a great insight that allows businesses to be more at ease and start preparing for growing demand.

The Faster, The Better: Timing is Everything

It's common knowledge in the fertilizer industry that because each sack only makes a small profit, the competitive edge is in the speed. If a manufacturer can produce products faster, they can deliver a greater quantity of goods to market, making higher profits and receiving more return on their investment. But how can these manufacturers speed up production?

Aside from adjusting the process to reduce production time, another equally important factor that has a direct impact on production speed is the packaging process. It is extremely difficult for manufacturers to control the speed and quantity of their daily productivity without an automatic bagging and weighing process. The traditional bagging system is characterized by a lack of continuity between the weighing, filling, and sealing processes. It also necessitates employees managing each step manually, which causes delays and has an impact on distribution logistics.



Switch to an Automated Bagging System Today

It is understandable that manufacturers prefer their traditional bagging process because they are more familiar with the steps involved, and because many have not yet adapted to automation. However, in order to improve your competitiveness in a fast-paced industry, wouldn't it be better if your factory was among the first to take advantage of the opportunity to switch to an automated solution that could advance your production and reduce packaging issues? 

Key Challenges for Fertilizer Packaging 

  • Fertilizers can undergo changes if exposed to humidity during the sealing process which could cause customers to lose confidence in the product's quality as a result.
  • High labor costs. The traditional bagging system requires at least four employees to perform the tasks in each step, meaning that more workers would be required if the company hopes to expand its capacity.
  • Chemical dust from fertilizers may be harmful to the health of workers on the assembly line. This is unacceptable for the welfare of your valuable employees.


Opportunity is Right Around the Corner

Forget the outdated notion that installing a cutting-edge automatic bagging machine requires contacting automation companies from abroad, and having to handle the difficulties of installation, maintenance, and communication with the supplier. You won't have to look far to find a reputable international supplier of the right machine for your factory.
Premier Tech offers a range of automatic bagging machines, such as the high-speed OML-1140 automatic bagging machine, that could enhance your productivity while remaining cost effective. You will never have to worry about after-sales service or maintenance either as our team is readily available right here in Thailand.

The automatic bagging machine differs from the traditional packing system in that it provides a smooth transition from weighing, bagging, and sealing, to the ready-for-delivery loading process. A high-speed operation also opens up more possibilities. The automatic bagging machine can fill up to 1,200 bags of fertilizer per hour (depending on the type of fertilizer), saving manufacturers both time and money.

In addition, you’ll be able to Improve consumers’ confidence regarding the quality of your product. Because the machine can work with double-layered bags and effectively seal them, humidity is prevented from affecting the products, and saves production time.

What’s more, the OML-1140 automatic bagging machine is designed to be easily connected to the Dust Collector, eliminating any potential problems caused by hazardous chemical dust.
It’s easy to see why an automatic bagging machine has become an important factor in increasing the productivity and capacity for many industries. Regardless of the product’s quality, or how efficient the production line is, unless there is an equally efficient packaging process, the quality of that product will always be lacking, and farmers may lose confidence in the product. It could mean that they are not able to deliver products to market in a timely manner and consequently will be unable to make as much profit.

Contact Premier Tech Today

If you are interested in this solution and want to begin investing for long-term profit, Premier Tech  is ready to assist and help improve your operations. We are the leading automatic bagging machine provider, constantly developing new models to serve the needs of various industries.

Our OML-1140 automatic bagging machine is easy to operate. Because of its compact size, the machine can be easily installed and integrated into your factory without the need for extensive reconstruction. Furthermore, there is a team of engineers and experts located in Thailand ready to provide a seamless after-sales service and ensure your company's uninterrupted operation.