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February 18, 2016

A world of cultures, fast economic evolution and changing demographics, Asia is now a major player in worldwide markets. With all these changes, Asian countries needs in industrial automated equipment are more important than ever. For many years, countries in Asia relied on manual packaging equipment that suited their needs at the time, but now Asia is entering into the automation era.

The reason behind this growing switch to automation in Asia is no longer an unsolved question: the increasing populations and the developing middle classes in Asia are creating more disposable income. These two factors contribute to the growing demand in numerous sectors, such as fast-moving consumer goods, food and more. Gross domestic product per capita is growing quickly in some Asian countries and, consequently, the level of consumption has increased. Countries such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and India experienced this growth and are now important buyers of industrial, commercial and consumer goods. In fact, the Asian-Pacific region spends more on industrial automation products than anywhere else in the world, with 46% of global expenditure in 2014.


The packaging industry is now part of that revolution. In fact, automated packaging equipment is growing more popular every year, especially in the Asian manufacturing industry. Manual packing has been the logical option for many years, given the low labour costs, but with all the changes going on demographically, Asian markets have had to adapt their facilities. Higher labour costs, tough work environments, the need for better safety standards, reduced legal working hours and many other concerns have motivated companies’ top-level management to consider the profitability of automated equipment. With the population growing so quickly, production lines need to follow suit, increasing the level of productivity and becoming faster and more efficient.

The ROI of switching to automated equipment is no longer hard to justify because of all the savings gained by reducing the costs associated with labour and injuries. With this important growth, Asia is now a serious supplier of goods from automated equipment and has partnerships with American and European companies. Asian countries are now no longer out of reach and can benefit from good quality supplies in their own countries.

What will happen in the years to come? Statistics show that more Asian countries are experiencing growth in the automated manufacturing sector. Financial forecasts are still positioning Asia in a great economic situation for many years. The strongest growth is anticipated in emerging markets, such as Southeast Asia and India, with economies that will still continue to grow at above average rates.


All the changes affecting the Asian economy and markets also have a considerable impact on specific industries, such as rice production. As the primary food for more than half of the world’s population, rice is one of the biggest markets in Asia – with 90% of the world crop grown and consumed inside the region. Rice is pivotal to the Asian way of life, culture and economy. While the consumption of rice is mostly concentrated in Asian countries, the export market is increasing, forcing governments and organizations to control the flow of rice exports. Asian companies have to adjust to the growing demand for exportation and increase their production efficiency by replacing their manual lines with automated packaging solutions.


Due to its experience with demographic and economic changes, Thailand, the world’s leading rice exporter, has decided to allocate more land for rice farming, which will increase the yearly production amount. With a strong export demand, but having to deal with low unemployment and high labour costs, companies in Thailand now understand that automation is the key to success. Automated end-of-line packaging equipment, such as bagging machines, palletizers and stretch wrappers, are more reliable than ever before and allow an increase in production capacity with lower costs.


With offices and plants around Asia, Premier Tech Chronos understand the needs and the demands of the Asian market. Established in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and China, PTC has provided many packaging-line solutions to different companies throughout Asia and continues to develop its presence in new emerging countries.

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