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March 3, 2016

Premier Tech (PT) has set goals to become a solid player in high-end pallet conveying as well as all peripheral material handling equipment. Over the years, PT has acquired numerous companies (GescoFAB, vonGAL, Smurfit-Stone, Almeida-Martins, Chronos Richardson, Richard Simon and W.G. Durant), each of whom had developed their own designs, features and attributes to reach their targeted markets.

In planning for VISION 2020, PT has decided to put together a technical team along with a small commercial team to tackle this well-established market and become a respected player in this field.

Product Director and team leader Éric Allard was appointed only recently. Allard brings 21 years of material handling experience and will be the technical leader in the planned line standardization work.

For the remainder of 2016, PT will carry out an in-depth evaluation of current designs, taking all of the positives of each design into consideration as well as both the costs and the Montgomery (Alabama) manufacturing processes. “We will focus our energy on the development of the best price-to-quality ratio pallet-handling systems available.” says Allard. “It will only be a matter of getting it known to the industry afterwards,” he adds.

PT is committed to this strategy and will invest heavily in it over the next five years. Although this remains an American strategy for the time being, it will soon extend to other continents, as PT is always aiming for global standardization.

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