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July 27, 2017


When it comes to optimizing your equipment, the logical choice is to partner with your original equipment manufacturer (OEM). After all, who knows your equipment better than the OEM? Working with them ensures you’ll maximize reliability, reduce downtime, and increase productivity. Optimizing equipment by retrofitting, for instance, provides an opportunity to upgrade and tweak an old machine so it can be used for many more years. Result? You get a fully functioning machine that meets current standards, without the cost of new equipment.


In addition to retrofitting, optimization can involve mechanical, electrical, pneumatic or software upgrades, or any combination of these. For even better performance, your OEM can offer you new features or modules developed through R&D.

The first step in determining how to get the most out of your existing equipment is for your OEM to perform a general assessment of your existing machines. Then they’ll recommend repairs, upgrades or improvements. They can also help in more ways than you might think! By sharing your to-do list with your Optimization Project Representative, you could reap a surprisingly large harvest of advice and insight.

At Premier Tech Chronos, we can help with any modification to existing packaging system configurations. Ask us to adapt your current equipment to your new packaging requirements—we’ll rise to the challenge. Here are only a few of our many optimization services:

  • Optimizing the packaging area layout

  • Adding new components (check weigher, metal detector, slip/top sheet dispenser, bag leak detector, etc.)

  • Relocating packaging equipment inside the plant

  • or to a different plant

  • Adding used equipment to an existing layout

  • Optimizing robot programs

  • Safety upgrades to meet new standards

  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) conversions

  • Remote virtual private network (VPN) access

  • Multilevel password access

  • End-of-arm tooling (EOAT) upgrades for any robot (from FANUC or another manufacturer).

If you have older equipment that drags down your business performance or poses safety concerns, please feel free to contact us. We’ll support you every step of the way to safer, more efficient production.

This robotic bag transfer system replaced old transfer arms which had several moving parts. Thanks to this retrofit, the customer cut the weekend shift, increased the speed by 2 bags/min per packer, reduced maintenance, and increased output.

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