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July 13, 2016

Even companies whose names are recognized worldwide must periodically re-evaluate equipment in order to maintain market dominance. Retrofitting equipment give them more reliability by reducing their downtime, thus allowing them to increase their productivity. It other words, retrofits can turn older equipment into state-of-the art equipment.

In terms of valve bag filling systems, Premier Tech Chronos has partnered with Fanuc Robotics to provide unique bag application solutions since 2001. Our Robotic Applicators keep operators out of packing cells providing an added level of safety. Fanuc robots achieve the highest wrist axis speeds and best repeatability in their class with very little down time.

For Bag Application Retrofits, the Applicator Robot will grab the empty bag from the Duckbill Bag Pickup area using a proven Claw Design. The Claw maintains a secure grip of the empty bag. The Robot will apply the bag to one of the existing Bag Filler Spouts. Rejected bags not applied to the Bag Filler, are discarded to a pre-programmed location.

Custom designs and proven programming capabilities allow PTC to easily handle your most challenging applications. Robots are very reliable. MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) rates have been documented for many models and are often around 10 years! MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) rates have also been documented and are surprisingly short – they are measured in hours and minutes, not days.

Previous design

Updated design

- Replacing your “conventional” style automatic Valve Bag Applicator(s). Includes VBA Models 506, 507, 508, 509, 510 & 511 VBAs.
- Automating the placement of empty bags, picking and applying them to the packer spouts utilizing a Fanuc Robot.


- Flexible: The Robot can be easily taught custom locations and motions that is impossible for a “standard” Valve Bag Applicator to duplicate.
- Robots achieve the highest wrist axis speeds and best repeatability in their class with very little down time.
- Practical and cost-effective solutions for Bag Application.
- Small Footprint and programmable paths.
- High-performance motions, with fast cycle times and high bag application rates.
- RIA compliant
- User-Friendly

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