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April 5, 2016

Star screeners are an efficient way of screening organic materials such as peat moss, mulch, compost, wood chips, substrates, and many others. They are versatile and have a smaller footprint than other types of screens.


The star screener is the most widely used screener in the peat moss, substrate and soil mix industries. It is primarily used for preparing material but can also be used as a mixer for substrates and mixes.



A star screener is made of a series of rotating shafts mounted with star-shaped disks. The material is fed over it and gets sieved as it progresses on the stars. By increasing or slowing the rotation speed of the shafts, the size of the sieved material changes. By simply activating a button you can instantly adjust the screen to make a different size material, without any labor intensive change of screen panel like for other types of screeners. This allows you to screen your material to the required size on demand without any downtime.



Rubber Stars

Plastic Stars (fine sizing)


Compared to other types of screeners, a star screener is able to process a bigger throughput for an equal or a smaller footprint. The dynamic process of the rotating shafts allows the open space between stars to be more efficient than the open space of a mesh type screen. It also makes the material travel faster than on other types of screeners.


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