Bag closer sewing machine

P76, B76, C76 Series | Bag closing and sealing

Bag closer sewing machine
    Production Rate P76, B76 and C76 models: up to 10 bags per minute (BPM)
    HP76, HC76 models: up to 15 bags per minute (BPM)
    HHP76, HHC76 models: up to 20 bags per minute (BPM)
    Bag materials Paper, Textile, plastic
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    These bag sealers are designed to close paper, textile or plastic sacks containing coarse, fine or very fine powders, granules, pellets, etc. These bag sealing machines are available in three standard speeds. They can integrate manual or automatic sewing head control and apply a wide variety of plain or sewn through tape closures. These bag sealers are also very easy to use. In all but the simplest machines, it is only necessary to enter the sack into the sewing head, which automatically starts, sews, cuts the thread or tape and stops again, ready for the next sack. 


    • P76, B76 and C76 machines have a sewing speed of 24’-0” (7.5m) per minute to close upto 10 sacks per minute.
    • HP76, HC76 machines having a sewing speed of 35’-0” (11.0m) per minute to close upto 15 sacks per minute.
    • HHP76, HHC76 machines have a sewing speed of 51’-0” (15.5m) per minute to close upto 20 sacks per minute.

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    • For use with multi-wall paper, plastic and woven sacks
    • Fitted with Medway type 150U sewing head for plain or sewn through tape closures
    • Sewing head secured by single handnut for quick change-over
    • A robust design proved in worldwide service
    • Easy height adjustment to accommodate varying sack lengths.
    • Sturdily constructed bogie and rail assembly or chain and slat conveyor synchronised with sewing head and fitted with adjustable backrest.