Tubular FFS bagging machine

TFFS Series | Form Fill and Seal Baggers (FFS)

Tubular FFS bagging machine
    Production Rate Up to 33 BPM
    Bag materials Heat sealable polyethylene tubular film
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    The TFFS SERIES provides a universal, flexible and economical packaging system for tubular form, fill and seal applications at all throughput requirements up to 2,000 bags per hour. It is a fully automatic bagging system that forms, fills and seals side gusseted as well as pillow-type bags. The system uses a roll of tubular film and is cost-efficient in comparison to systems using pre-made bags.

    The TFFS SERIES is the ideal system for free flowing products.

    Tubular FFS bagging machine
    Tubular FFS bagging machine

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    • Compact, sturdy design
    • Stainless steel contact parts
    • User-friendly touch panel with integrated graphical user interface
    • Height adjustment on outfeed conveyor
    • Solid and reliable field proven technology for high system availability
    • Good machine access allows cleaning and maintenance to be carried out quickly and effectively
    • Innovative, low movement design
    • Minimized installation costs as the system is supplied as a pre-wired and pre-tested configuration


    • Quick and safe reel changeover with integrated automatic reel lifting device
    • Bag deareation by vacuum probe
    • Bag top handle former
    • Corner sealing for compact, easily palletised bags
    • Gusset making unit for pillow type tubular film
    • Hole punch unit
    • Full stainless steel version
    • Movable machine option for multiple infeed points
    • Bag marking devices