Open-mouth bagging machine

PTA Series | Open-Mouth Baggers

Open-mouth bagging machine
    Production Rate Up to 10 BPM*
    * Machine performance may vary depending on bag quality & bag size, operator skills, power supply, empty bag preparation, conveyor speed, etc.
    Length: 102’’ (2600 mm)
    Width: 83’ (2100 mm)
    Height: 65’’ (1650 mm) to 79’’ (2000 mm)
    Bag materials Material : Laminated and porous woven PP Bag type: Pillow bag (only). No gusseted bags
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    Take a leap into automation with the PTA-100, a new generation of budget conscious bagger. The PTA-100 is the latest innovation in entry-level, semi-automatic bagging system designed in Canada for the emerging markets. This economical solution is designed and built for countries with raising labour costs and increasing production demand. The PTA-100 is reliable, easy-to-install in existing packaging line and has a very compact footprint. Depending on the layout, the existing conveyor & closing system can be reused. This bagging system uses simple technology, making it easy to operate and maintain. The PTA-100 is more than just an affordable bagging solution, it’s a first step towards automated packaging operations. The PTA-100 bagger places the bag automatically on a spout, eliminating any manual operation and allowing better production rate.

    Available in option, the OPT-100 is developed exclusively for the PTA-100. The OPT-100 is an automatic transferring unit that gives the possibility to reach a further level of automation with the PTA-100. The OPT-100 transfers bags automatically from the spout to the closing system, reducing the need for manual operation. This option is modular and is easy to retrofit on an existing PTA-100.

    PTA Series

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    • Economical solution with the lowest total cost of investment for customer
    • Easy integration in existing lines that minimize the need for modifications
    • Compact footprint
    • Very simple to operate and maintain


    • OPT-100