Bag sewing machine

HS 2000 Series | Bag closing and sealing

Bag sewing machine
    Production Rate The unit operates at speeds up to 2000 r.p.m.
    Bag materials Paper, Textile, plastic
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    The HS 2000 Sewing Head is a bag closing device designed to close paper, textile or plastic sacks containing coarse, fine or very fine powders, granules, pellets, etc. Several configurations are available depending on the production rate required. For low outputs the sewing head is controlled by a footswitch and the sewing chain is cut by a moving nibbler knife. For medium and high outputs, automatic knife and switch gear are provided. On the automatic units, the entry of the sack starts the sewing head and when the sack clears the head, the knife cuts and the motor stops. This automatic sequence applies to machines fitted for plain sewing or sewing through tape.

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    • Simple design for easy operation and adjustment
    • Proven reliability in severe conditions all over the world
    • Gives a wide choice of plain or sewn through tape closures
    • Sewing head secured by single handnut for quick changeover
    • Good accessibility for maintenance
    • Automatic reservoir lubrication