Manual bagger with nett weigher

E 55-MB Nett Weigh Series | Manual Baggers

Bagging scale
    Production Rate Up to 20 BPM depending upon specification
    Bag materials Paper, paper with PE-inliner or PE-coating, PE laminated PP
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    The E55-MB SERIES manual bagging system is a leading edge electronic nett weighing system designed to be used as a bagging station in combination with bag clamps, a closing system and a conveyor. It is designed to operate in a wide range of industries such as food, pet food, feed, seeds, chemicals, salt, aggregates etc. The system can be equipped with different feeding devices (gravity, gravity-agitator, belt, screw and vibratory feeder).

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    • Choice of pneumatic or high output servo motor controlled gravity catch gates
    • Simple construction and sturdy design for long-term reliability
    • User-friendly weigher controller (SpeedAC NXT)
    • Enclosed design with removable doors providing easy access into the machine
    • Weigh hopper directly suspended from three strain-gauge load cells
    • Quick connection junction box, valve manifold and sensors allowing quick installation and easy maintenance


    • Choice of round dust-tight manual bag holding system for dusty applications
    • Bird-beak bag holding system for fast placement of empty bags
    • Diverse range of feeding devices: Gravity, gravity-agitator, belt, screw and vibratory feeder