Blending scale (Bagging scale)

E-955 Series | Weighing and Feeding

Bagging Scale, blending scale
    Production Rate Up to 12 BPM (simplex configuration) and up to 24 BPM (duplex configuration)
    Length: 59" (1499 mm)
    Width: 44" (1118 mm)
    Height: 66" (1676 mm)*
    * Simplex configuration and does not include transition hopper height
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    Thanks to the experience acquired through the sale of thousands of scales worldwide, Premier Tech Chronos (PTC) raises the industry’s standards to a higher level by introducing the E-955 Blending Scale. This innovative scale is designed to weigh and blend two different free-flowing or semi-free-flowing products into the same bag with a split reaching up to 90%-10%.

    It consists of a main weighing hopper fed by a gravity-vibratory feeder and an auxiliary weighing hopper fed by a vibratory feeder. The two products are blended in the main weighing hopper and top-up is done to accurately reach the final target weight. Moreover, the E-955’s innovative design provides extremely accurate weighing (on the total weight of the bag and on the split of the blend), which results in reduced product loss and more profit.

    Bagging Scale
    Bagging Scale
    Bagging Scale
    Bagging Scale
    Bagging Scale

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    • Homogeneous blend
    • Recordability of the blend
    • Compact design
    • Very high accuracy
    • High hygienic standards, contact parts in SS304


    • Automatic feeder adjustment (linear actuator)
    • Duplex configuration
    • Automatic calibration check
    • Tote box filler dust hood
    • Data collector for PC

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