Electronic nett weigher (Bagging scale)

E Series | Weighing and Feeding

Electronic nett weigher (Bagging scale)

    Thanks to the experience acquired through the sale of thousands of weighers worldwide, the E SERIES nett weigher raises the industry’s standards to a higher level with its exceptional performances. The latest generation of the E Series nett weighers meets the highest demands for accuracy, reliability and performance. The simple construction and sturdy design ensure safe and accurate operation. Our precision weighing systems are available in single weigher, double weigher combinations or fully integrated in bagging lines for a weighing range from 5 to 50 kg per weighment. Combined with our digital weighing modules SpeedAC NXT the E Series nett weighing system can be used as a stand-alone weigher or fully integrated into a bagging line for various applications from the food, feed, pet food, agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical or minerals industries. A comprehensive range of bulk feeders is offered to work along with our E Series in order to suit every type of bulk material.

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    • • Electronic nett weigh system with strain-gauge load cells
    • • Simple construction and sturdy design
    • • Advanced reliability to ensure years of accurate and trouble-free operation
    • • Highest accuracies
    • • Stainless steel contact parts for hygienic applications
    • • Easy access and simple cleaning
    • • Weigh hopper is directly suspended from the load cells
    • • Perfect system integration with our own field-proven weigher controller SpeedAC NXT


    • • High-speed version with more than 2,000 weighments per hour, featuring state-of-the-art servo technology
    • • Hygienic version
    • • Stand-alone weigher or fully integrated in your bagging plant
    • • Diverse weigh hopper capacities: E25 with 30, 50 and 80 litre, E55 with 65 or 120 litre (others upon request)
    • • Available feeding devices: Gravity feeder, agitator feeder, belt feeder, vibratory chute feeder, single and double screw feeder
    • • 20° inclined screw for fluidized bulk materials
    • • Air purged bearing (dosing screw)
    • • Interlocking control for two weighers
    • • Multi-feeder selector
    • • Selector switches for bagging or bulk applications
    • • Weigh hopper capacity up to 220 litre
    • • Diverse material and finish options for food, fertiliser and other applications
    • • Interfaces for statistic printer, Profibus DP/Ethernet, standard PC-keyboard

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