Vertical form, fill and seal bagging machine

VFFS Series | Form Fill and Seal Baggers (FFS)

Vertical form, fill and seal bagging machine
    Production Rate Up to 30 BPM
    Bag materials Heat sealable polyethylene flat film (registered print with I-mark or random print)
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    The VFFS SERIES are fully automatic, universal and flexible systems, which make the bags from polyethylene pre-printed flat film. The system is applicable for various bulk materials to be filled into bags from 5 to 50 kg or 5 to 110 litres. A key feature of the VFFS SERIES is its compact, sturdy design. The system could be equipped with weighing or volumetric feeding system.

    The VFFS Series is the ideal system for free flowing as well as difficult to handle bulk materials from the chemicals, minerals, horticulture, pet food or agriculture industries and reaches outputs up to 1,800 bags per hour depending upon the specification.

    Vertical form, fill and seal bagging machine
    Vertical form, fill and seal bagging machine
    Vertical form, fill and seal bagging machine

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    • Gusset forming unit
    • De-aeration hole punch unit
    • Easy to adjust and operate
    • Matched high accuracy weighers and feeders
    • Dust extraction
    • Compact, sturdy design
    • User-friendly touch panel with integrated graphical user interface
    • Designed for minimised film overlap to reduce film consumption
    • Solid and reliable field proven technology for high system availability
    • Good machine access allowing cleaning and maintenance to be carried out quickly and effectively
    • Minimised installation costs as the system is supplied in a pre-wired, pre-tested configuration


    • Bag top handle former
    • Full stainless steel version
    • Platform systems for optimum plant utilisation
    • Bag registration detection
    • Interchangeable forming sets and tubes, to handle any bag size
    • Product press option for light and long fibrous bulk materials