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March 13, 2018

Premier Tech is pleased to announce the acquisition of the company Swabo Machinebouw & Toelevering, located in the Netherlands, by its Industrial Equipment Group (IEG). For over 20 years, this company’s business success has been based on specialized and advanced expertise in the manufacture of steel and stainless steel parts for OEMs of all kinds.

Consistent with the company’s strategic vision, this acquisition will enable IEG to secure its mechanical manufacturing supply chain and thereby provide all its European clients with a superior quality integrated business offering. Premier Tech thus brings on board the experience and know-how of nearly 70 people, bringing its global team to 4 200 people. 

“Effective management of our supply chain has always been an important strategic lever in deploying our commercial offerings on world markets. The acquisition of Swabo Machinebouw & Toelevering, which shares Premier Tech’s commitment to the success of its clients, will increase IEG’s agility in marketing its packaging technologies and thereby strengthen its position as a leader,” said Jean Bélanger, President and Chief Operating Officer of Premier Tech.

About Premier Tech

Premier Tech has been growing its leadership position globally for more than 95 years, driven by the collective power of its 4 200 team members in 25 countries. Leveraging its human capital as well as a deeply rooted Culture revolving around innovation and excellence, Premier Tech focuses its efforts in three core industries: Horticulture and Agriculture, Industrial Equipment and Environmental Technologies. Committed to the long-­term success of its clients, Premier Tech today records sales of more than 725 million dollars, backed by a strong manufacturing and commercial expertise, a far-reaching entrepreneurial approach and a quarter-century-­long track record of solid growth.

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