Turntable pallet stretch wrapper

SW-T Series | Pallet wrapping

Turntable pallet stretch wrapper
    Production Rate Up to 40 LPH
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    The fully automatic pallet stretch wrapper SW-T SERIES is a turntable system suited for wrapping various pallet loads with stretch films. The pallet is driven automatically on the rotation plate. The rotation plate begins to rotate and the winding procedure starts. The film unwinding machine then moves up and downward and winds the platic film around the pallet. At the end of the winding procedure the film end is welded to the wrapped pallet. The system can handle all common pallets up to 2,400 mm load height incl. pallet and 1,500 kg weight. The SW-T SERIES Turntable Pallet Stretch Wrapper features a compact design and fully integrated system control. The system is suitable for use in all industries.

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    • High capacity system
    • Sturdy construction for long lasting system operation
    • Compact design to be used in locations with low headroom
    • Turning table with integrated motorised roller conveyor
    • Adjustable turntable speed (frequency inverter)
    • Adjustable film carriage speed (frequency inverter)
    • Automatic pallet height identification
    • Height of the film overlap is adjustable
    • Adjustable number of bottom and top windings
    • Cross spiral and spiral windings possible
    • Film unwinding system with fixed pre-stretch 150, 200 or 250%.
    • Adjustable welding unit (temperature and time) with hot Teflon plates for perfect final wrapping
    • Low maintenance requirements
    • Integrated PLC with touch panel display
    • CE compliant safety features


    • Top sheet application, dust and rain proof solutions available