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The APW SERIES weighing system is a compact and versatile throughput weigher specifically designed for the modern flour / grain milling applications although they have also been successfully used in many other bulk material weighing applications. Precision data collection is essential to automate the labour intensive stock reconciliation needs of an efficiently run mill, from wheat intake to flour out loading. The innovative APW design ensures that weighing accuracy in the mill is not compromised whatever the product being monitored, extracted, controlled or totalised. APW weighers are designed for simple integration into new or existing mills and are capable of freestanding operation. They can also be interfaced with any mill control system. The compact design features integral feed gate and discharge doors. Single or twin position feed gate versions are available.

Throughput capacity of up to 50 tonnes per hour depending upon materials being weighed.

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  • High accuracy weighing for optimum mill performance
  • Weight transducing system incorporates advanced digital technology
  • Single position feed gate or two-position feed gate versions available
  • Sealed compartment housing
  • In-built state-of-the-art controller minimises hardware components to maximise reliability
  • Simple calibration routine
  • Rapid weight stabilisation
  • Integral air balancing
  • Three high accuracy load cells provide fast stabilisation times
  • Oil free pneumatics and sealed-for-life bearings
  • Minimal material hang-up (hygienic design)
  • Minimum number of horizontal surfaces
  • Quick and efficient cleaning
  • Easily accessible for maintenance
  • High dynamic accuracies on all wheat based products, at all throughput rates


  • Four weigh hopper capacities are available: 40, 80, 120 and 170 litres
  • ATEX design

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