Peat Moss

The automated system illustrated below is an example of a complete line built with our peat moss bagging and packaging solutions. This line is equipped with a vertical baler (flat film) producing small- and medium-size bales, an automatic compact palletizer, and a turntable stretch wrapper. No matter the scope of your project, Premier Tech manufactures peat moss packaging equipment for small- and large-scale productions.

If your operations include the production of large bales, Premier Tech offers packaging systems for various bale sizes (including large- and mega-size bales). An alternative solution for medium-size bales (using pre-made bags) is the four-station baler. If you produce peat mixes, Premier Tech also has a bagging solution that features a volumetric feeder, an FFS bagger, a conventional bag palletizer, and a stretch wrapper or hooder. Peat moss bagging and packaging machines from Premier Tech are accurate, fast and reliable.

In addition to the bagging and packaging solutions, Premier Tech can provide field and processing equipment. It includes products such as harrows, vacuum harvesters, root and stump picker, peat thermometer, peat trailer, loading ramp, screening systems, mixing lines, hammer mill, bale shredder & peat fluffer, conveyors, hoppers, etc. 

See below a comprehensive list of equipment that can be used in peat moss packaging. For more information, just click on any product you are interested in.


Form Fill and Seal Baggers (FFS)

Form, fill and seal (FFS) bagging machine

FFS Series

For large particles, granular and fibrous products

Uses a roll of flat polyethylene film to make its own bags

Up to 35 BPM

Compression Baggers

Vertical form, fill and seal baler

EA-450 Series

For fibrous products such as peat moss

Produces 1ft³ – 4 ft³ bales

Up to 5 BPM

Large- and mega-size baler

EM-2000 Series

For fibrous products such as peat moss

Produces 100 ft³ – 135 ft³ bales

Up to 24 BPH

Four-station baler

VP-410 Series

For products such as wood shavings, peat moss, cellulose, etc.

Produces 1ft3 – 6 ft3 bales

Up to 6 BPM


Automatic compact bag palletizer

AC Series

Low-level palletizer for bags and bales

Small footprint

Up to 8 BPM

High level bag palletizer

AP Series

For bags and bales

High-speed automatic palletizer when high rates are required

Up to 40 BPM

High level bag palletizer

AP-440 Series

For bags and bales

Servomotor-driven to maximize speed and accuracy

Up to 40 BPM

Pallet wrapping

Stretch hooder

LH-400 Series

Pallet wrapping solution quickly applies a plastic stretch hood to pallet loads

No rotation of the pallet load is required

Up to 110 LPH

Rotary arm stretch wrapper

LW-300 Series

Pallet wrapping machine uses a rotary arm to apply a plastic film around the pallet loads

No rotation of the pallet load is required

Up to 95 LPH