Peat Moss Field Equipment

Premier Tech Chronos (PTC) is an international leader in the industry of processing & bulk handling and field equipment. Its wide range of innovative solutions includes state-of-the-art equipment such as mixing lines, peat moss vacuum harvesters, harrows and screeners adapted to the requirements of small-, medium- and large-scale productions.


Prepares bog surface before harvesting

Different types of harrows available: rotary points, rotary disks, spoons, etc.

Loading ramp

Mobile ramp used to load/unload van trailers with a forklift

Peat moss thermometer

Measures peat stockpile temperature to prevent fire

Peat trailer

Peat trailer with a capacity of 1200 ft³

Equipped with hydraulic dumping system

Root and stump picker

RSM-100 Series

Removes waste from the bog surface before harvesting

Two-head vacuum peat harvester

SA-200 Series

Harvester designed to collect dry peat moss from peat bogs

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