Weighing systems / Bagging scale

AW/VW Series | Weighing and Feeding

Vertical form, fill and seal bagging machine

    The CHRONO-WEIGHTM AW/VW hopper scales are recognised for their accuracy, performance and  reliability. These electronically controlled weighers are designed to receive and ship free-flowing bulk materials. They are typically used in grain silos, the feed/food industries, mills, warehouses etc. The weigher output is dependent on the size of the weigh hopper, which can be up to 10 tons capacity. The weighers are manufactured in welded steel and are dust-tight. Infeed and weighing hopper are equipped with pneumatically operated (twin) gates. The weighing hopper has an inspection door and frame on which to place calibration weights.

    In the modern factory, data collection is essential to automate the labor intensive stock reconciliation needs of an efficiently run plant. This means, as an operator, you need to accurately record all material movements in the plant, from intake and right through the process. The AW/VW In-Process Weighers represent your best route to the necessary precision to realize enhanced operating profits. The design ensures that weighing accuracy is not compromised whatever the product being monitored, extracted, controlled or totalized.

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    • Pure full loadcell systems reduces maintenance costs
    • Removeable doors permit easy access and simple clean-down
    • Robust design for reliable constant operation
    • Stainless steel contact parts - prevent corrosion when weighing agressive materials
    • Abrasion resistant steel contact parts - reduces abrasion when weighing abrasive materials
    • State-of-the-art programmable controller
    • For fast and accurate calibration
    • Multiple weigh hopper capacities to cover the full range of milling throughputs


    • Level indicator
    • Pneumatic anti-freeze
    • Calibration weights positioned by pneumatic cylinders
    • Duplex infeed to achieve precise shipping weights

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