Stretch Hooder Machine

Stretch Hooder Machine


Main benefits



Configurable up to 6 different film types and sizes. Can do all pallet finishing. Cartesian stretch that allows many load sizes with one machine.



Medium to fast capacity according to needs. Superior load protection.

cost efficiency

Cost efficiency

Film usage reduced to a minimum and constant packaging cost. Cost efficient alternative to shrink wrapping.

The LSH-9100-E is specifically designed for the most challenging production cycles and packaging requirements. Universal applicable pallet load securing system based on stretch hood technology to secure a large range of stacked loads to pallets. The LSH-9100-E is configurable with 6 different film types/sizes. An external ladder, a top platform for maintenance plus a lowerable bar at floor level ensure the easy maintenance and efficiency of the equipment. The LSH-9100-E is suitable for a medium to fast capacity production. The machine is equipped with film unwinding with double motor and film opening with vacuum system.
LSH-9100-E is suitable for containers, bags, boxes, bottles, cans, trays, Big Bags, Octabins, barrels as well as loose products. The innovative system can be used in all industrial sectors such as Food, Feed, Agriculture, Chemicals or Minerals Industries.

The LSH-9100-E can be equipped with up to six different stretch film sizes, with automatic film selection to make sure your load is always packed with the best film size and to reduce to the minimum the amount of used plastic for each hood.

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