Stretch Hooder

Stretch Hooder


Main benefits



Cartesian stretch allows many load sizes with one machine. Can do all pallet finishing.

design quality

Design quality

Low maintenance and simplicity of design with mechanical/pneumatic components.

cost efficiency

Cost efficiency

Film usage reduced to a minimum and constant packaging cost. Cost efficient alternative to shrink wrapping. Budget conscient solution.

The LSH-9060-E is configurable with 3 different film types/sizes. An external ladder and top platform ensure the easy maintenance of the equipment. The LSH-9060-E is a simple machine with mechanical and pneumatic components that requires little maintenance and is easy to operate. The system guarantees optimum product safety by protecting it against humidity, UV and other weather conditions as well as against the danger of cargo shift during transport.

LSH-9060-E is suitable for containers, bags, boxes, bottles, cans, trays, Big Bags, Octabins, barrels as well as loose products. The innovative system can be used in all industrial sectors such as Food, Feed, Agriculture, Chemicals or Minerals Industries.

Capable of hooding up to 2600x1400 mm to load size, the LSH-9060-E can be arranged with up to 3 different sizes of tubular stretch film reels, with an automatic film feeding selection, to offer the flexibility to pack various pallet sizes with one machine only.

The machine is practically maintenance free. It is in fact built with top quality, straightforward and consolidated mechanical devices to guarantee very low downtimes and to offer continuity to your production cycle.

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  • Can do all pallet finishings
  • Allowable film thickness: 20÷200 microns
  • Photocells film end, on all reels
  • Cartesian stretch that allows many load sizes with one machine
  • Vertical stretch on all load sizes, due to four supporting columns
  • Automatic load identification system, and tailored hood for ECAH load
  • Multiple reels configuration
  • Controllable and adjustable sealing bar temperature
  • Cost efficient alternative to shrink wrapping
  • No heating sources
  • Superior load protection leading to a reduction in damaged products
  • Waterproof, dustproof, sandproof
  • Outdoor storage for stretch hood end-user and end-user distributors – outstanding toughness and excellent tear and
  • Stabilisation of the load on the pallet preventing cargo shift
  • Transparent hood ensures visibility of the product
  • Constant packaging costs
  • Film usage reduced to a minimum
  • Elasticity of films up to 200%


  • Centering device for pallets
  • Second reel in automatic cycle
  • Outfeed at 90°
  • EWON for remote assistance
  • Increase HMI size
  • Upgrade to stairs