Soft Drink Packaging Machines

Premier Tech (PT) is a packaging equipment manufacturer of secondary and tertiary soft drink packaging machines for containers like bottles, cans, bundles, etc. Our end-of-line solutions allow you to automatically pack your products into boxes, palletize them and stabilize the pallet by applying a plastic film on the load.  No matter the size of your company, PT manufactures soft drink packaging machines for small- and large-scale production.

If you are looking for a case packer, the RPK Robotic Case Packer is a very effective machine for packing soft drink cans, bottles and bundles into cases. The versatility of the robotic case packer allows it to handle almost all kinds of products of different sizes and shapes. Depending on the speed required, the “scalable” design, ranging from a single robot to a multiple robot solution, can be easily adapted to your needs. Palletizers are also scalable to meet your needs. PT offers a wide range of conventional and robotic palletizing solutions to fit your budget, your throughput requirements and your product characteristics.

See below a comprehensive list of soft drink packaging machines. For more information, just click on any product that you are interested in.