PTH-900 Series

Semi-automatic bagging machine

Up to 20 BPM
Semi-automatic bagging machine

Main benefits


Can bag multiple type of products.


Pneumatic equipment offering ease of maintenance. Intuitive user-friendly HMI.

Design quality

Compact, low footprint entry level equipment offering a great ROI.

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Developed by Premier Tech, the PTH-900 Series semi-automatic bagging machine is a unique solution designed for bagging all types of free-flowing materials using laminated polywoven, polyethylene and paper bags.

The PTH-900 semi-automatic bagging machine has a modular design. It is an semi-automatic bag placer that can easily be upgraded to a fully automated bagger with the integration of ANDY, a robotic bag transfer system that reforms the bag, removes it from the spout and carries it into the closing system.


  • Simple use
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Low maintenance

For complete automation and greater productivity, take a look at the PTH-900 Series - Fully Automated Open-Mouth Bagger.

Our customers


Affordable and reliable solution

Requires little floor space

Simple mechanism combined with detailed alarm diagnostic for easy troubleshooting and maintenance, reducing downtime

Quick external adjustments for different bag widths and lengths

Bag detection on spout to avoid product spillage

Stainless steel contact parts


Robotic bag transfer unit (ANDY) for complete automation and greater productivity