Accumulation conveyor

Belt-driven, zero-pressure accumulation conveyor

Up to 200 FPM
Belt-driven, zero-pressure accumulation conveyor

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The Belt-Driven, Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor is designed for applications that require accumulation of products without a build-up of line pressure. The accumulation starts with an electronic signal to the ''ZLM'' logic module. Singulation or Train Release is also available. Premier Tech's Industrial Equipment Group offers Belt Driven Conveyors you can rely on!

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Capacity (weight): 225 lb/ft

Belt Driven Conveyor Width: Std: From 12” to 48” in 3” increment, Between Frames Only

Integral case stoppers and brake modules

Singulation and slug operational modes

Carrier rollers with ABEC-1 precision bearings

Quiet, positive transportation with zero pressure accumulation