RPW Series

Automatic robot palletizer with stretch wrapper (Stack & Wrap)

Up to 24 units per minute (up to 12 cycles per minute)

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The RPW Robotic Stack and Wrap combines two essential end-of-line technologies: a flexible robotic palletizing cell and a turntable stretch wrapper. This solution is perfect for unstable loadshandling and minimizes floor space by palletizing and wrapping a wide variety of products with a pre-engineered solution. Loads are built and secured directly on the pallet on the stretch wrapper turntable,creating ready-to-ship loads.  

Perfect for unstable loads

Looking for a solution to palletize and wrap unstable pallet with loose bundles? The
RPW is designed specially to ensure that the pallet is wrapped every two layers, helpingstabilize the loads and create a perfect pallet each time.

Take a leap into automation

The RPW combines a robotic palletizing cell and a turntable stretch wrapper. While thepallet is being wrapped, the robot continues to palletize units on a second palletizingcell. The result? No manual labor needed.  

Flexibility is the key

With the help of the robot, the RPW gives you the capability to handle more than oneSKU with multiline handling possibilities. Loads are built and secured directly on thepallet on the stretch wrapper turntable creating ready-to-ship loads.

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Secure load in place

Small footprint

Low cost

Color touch screen with user-friendly operation

Quick and simple installation and start-up

Quick changeover of palletizing patterns via stored recipes


Upgrade to M-410iB/140H FANUC robot for higher loads and/or rates.

Upgrade to servo lateral fork-type gripper for bottom support

Second zone on vacuum gripper for double pick to increase rates

Slip/tier/top sheet handling by robot