RPM Series

Modular robot palletizing system

Up to 20 units per minute per single robot module

Main benefits


Modular palletizing cell that can be adapted easily to virtually any type of plant layout. Every modules have similar dimensions so they can be moved from one spot to another inside the cell.

Cost efficiency

The RPM modules are all pre-engineered, offering competitive pricing and minimizing manufacturing lead time.

Design quality

Installation and commissioning time are significantly reduced due to the pre-engineered and interlocking modules.

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The new RPM Series Robotic Modular Palletizer from Premier Tech brings flexibility to another level by offering a palletizing cell that can be easily adapted to practically any type of plant  layout. Designed as a turn-key solution, the RPM can handle many types of different products.

One equipment, infinite possibilities

The main characteristic making the RPM Series one of the most versatile palletizing solution is that every modules have similar dimensions so they can be moved from one spot to another inside the cell. The standard version of this equipment is made of six independent modules: FANUC robot, pallet magazine, slip sheet bin, infeed conveyor, control panel and two pallet chain conveyors. Depending on the client production needs, the RPM Series gives the possibility to add infeed and outfeed conveyors as well as one or multiple robot, to increase the production rate.

Less engineering, faster installation

Manufacturing lead time is now minimized and pricing more competitive than ever with the RPM Series pre-engineered modules. Those pre-engineered interlocking modules were also designed to significantly reduce the installation and commissioning time which allows Premier Tech to install and run the RPM Series in less than a week. 

Adapted to every needs

Because every company needs are different, Premier Tech created the RPM Series to handle boxes, pails, totes, bundles, bags and a lot more thanks to the wide selection of grippers designed by our engineering team.

Our customers


Pre-defined configuration layout

Affordable palletizing solution

Pre-engineered modules reduce cost

Integrated safety devices

Interlocking modules

Quick and easy installation and commissioning

Easily adapted to plant layout due to its modular design

Removable center aisle for easy floor access

Pallet magazine with pneumatic pusher