Electric Lifting Trolleys

Pick up, lift and transport your goods effortlessly.

No matter the type of product or container you deal with, you’ll be able to lift and transport them with our mobile lifting trolleys. Flexibility is key with this kind of equipment, which is why all our trolleys can also tilt and rotate their load to position them differently or to empty the contents of a drum or crate without any physical strain for the operator. With an ergonomic design and advanced safety functions, these modular lifters will be your employees’ new favourite piece of equipment.

Tawi Classic Trolleys

  • Lift reels and drums efficiently and reliably
  • Rated up to 250 kilos and can lift any product from the bottom, rotated or tilted

Tawi Mobile Stainless Steel Lifters

  • Mobile stainless-steel lifters facilitate efficient material handling in industries with high sanitary requirements.
  • The trolleys can be equipped with various tools depending on what you need to lift, all available in stainless steel.
Stainless steel trolley

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