Vacuum Lifters

Experience the power and flexibility of vacuum technology. Vacuum technology excels at lifting any type of container or product quickly, efficiently but most importantly delicately.

Not only do our Vacuum Lifters protect the product they are carrying, but they also protect the health of your employees by giving them a reliable and efficient way to carry heavy loads. Our Vacuum Lifter allows anyone to lift loads weighing up to 270 pounds without straining their muscles. Additionally, the simple design and ergonomic handles of our lifters make them easy to use even without previous experience or training.

Tawi ATEX Lifter

  • Vacuum equipment specifically built with ATEX-rated facilities
  • For stainless steel components, specially designed tubes, filters, pumps, and more

Tawi Customised Lifters

  • A customized lifter adapted to your needs and specifications

Tawi High Frequency Lifter

  • Our most rapid lifters grip and lift boxes and other packaged goods in no time. With the  comfort of single hand use you can lift and move goods with very high frequency.
  • Ideal for logistic centres, baggage handling  and other operations where speed is essential.

Tawi Multifunctional Lifter

  • Easily lifting loads up to 270 kilos
  • Can lift any type of box, bag, or massive car parts quickly and precisely

Tawi Stainless Steel Lifters

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