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November 15, 2018

Stack and wrap packaging equipment with robotic arm

Listening and understanding the market’s needs and challenges and learning how to address them is an art. Marcello Fannuchi’s team in Jundiai, Brazil, might just have mastered it when they pushed the Stack and Wrap solution* in the South American market.

It all started with a customer visit in which a service technician realized that our client had to palletize a very particular product: a loose bundle of products, making it very hard to create a perfectly stable pallet. The client couldn’t consider a robotic palletizer, since the robot wouldn’t be able to place the bag properly because of the instability of the package. Manual labor was needed to place every bundle in the right place while distributing the weight equally to get a stable pallet.

Integrating robotics into that kind of application was a huge challenge, but we knew that it would be a success on the South American market. It gives our client the peace of mind and the flexibility to run more than one product on the same line without worrying about downtime.” — Marcello Fannuchi.

Marcello’s team decided to work on a solution that could solve this problem with the integration of robotics by combining the palletizing stage with the pallet wrapping process stage. The goal was to stabilize the load and palletize the product simultaneously so that even if the client had to handle loose bundles, the pallet would come out perfectly square and stable.

“Many manufacturers here in Brazil and all around South America deal with those loose bundles. We wanted to create a solution especially for them, while at the same time showing the LATAM market that we are listening to their needs and helping them overcome their palletizing challenges.” —  Marcello Fannuchi.

The flexible robotic palletizing cell is combined with a turntable stretch wrapper. The Stack and Wrap is specially designed to ensure that the pallet is wrapped every two layers, helping stabilize the loads and create a perfect pallet each time. While the pallet is being wrapped in the final packaging station, the robot continues to palletize units on the first station of the cell.

The result? No time loss and no manual labor needed.

* This solution is patent-pending.

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