2000XT Ultrasonic Retrofit Kit (920 to 2000XT for models US2000, US2001, US2001, & Cleanpak-I)


Current Design
The Branson 900DA and 921AO power supply and actuator are obsolete – no longer available! If either one fails, both must be replaced with 2000XT style components.

Upgraded Design
The 2000XT design is a direct replacement for the old 900DA and 921AO ultrasonic power supply and actuator. 920 to 2000XT for models US2000, US2001, US2001, & Cleanpak-I.


  • Designed to be a direct swap with the obsolete 900DA Power Supply and 921AO Actuator unit
  • Replacement Actuator uses the same bolt pattern for mounting
  • Uses existing Ultrasonic booster and horn
  • Dust tight housing keeps product dust and solids out of mechanism