Automated Remote Bulk/Dribble


Previous Design
Two crescent wrenches are required to adjust the jam nut that sets the dribble position. Operator access to this area of the packer is limited in multi-tube or raised packer operations. Often weight accuracy is sacrificed by settling for a one-position-fits-all operation.

Updated Design
The operator can adjust the dribble position from a remote keypad. The servo driven actuator accurately moves pinch mechanism through bulk, dribble, and cut-off positions. The dribble position can easily be tuned for each unique product ensuring optimal weight accuracy.  For all electronically controlled valve bag packers models.


  • Converts the dribble opening size from a manually adjusted procedure to a fully electronically adjustable feature
  • Dribble size opening can be remotely changed
  • Uses all electronically controlled servo valve to maintain accurate dribble opening size
  • Improved accuracy due to ease of dribble opening adjustment
  • Available in NEMA, II-G-1, and II-G-2 environments