GWC Keyboard & LCD + Enclosure


Previous Design
Obsolete CRT design is large and creates heat in enclosure. Keypad is also obsolete. Large CRT required bulky, custom fabricated enclosure. Enclosure components are packed together tightly and difficult to access.

Updated Design
Flat LCD provides crisp, clear, color display of bag weight and other control information. The 8.4” TFT display is slightly larger than the old CRT screen. Full QWERTY keyboard improves functionality. Small, NEMA 4 Hoffman enclosure easily houses all internal components.


  • Upgrades the display and keyboard to modern up to date components
  • Lighter and smaller computer enclosure is easy to maintain and access computer components
  • Easy and Simple to Retrofit
  • Infrared Keyboard and LCD are “off-the-shelf”
  • NEMA4 rated
  • Can be used in II-G-1 or II-G-2 rated areas