Previous Design
Due to their rugged design, CHEP pallets are 10 to 40 lb heavier than usual ones. If itwas not designed to bear this additional weight, the pallet dispenser is more likely to break and cause costly downtimes. An overload can also unbalance the stack, which reduces safety around the pallet dispenser.

Updated Design
This retrofit has been specifically developed to support heavy-duty pallets such as CHEP pallets. Its updated design minimizes fork deflection, thus allowing for safe and stable pallet stacks while reducing maintenance costs. It also enables employees to stack the maximum number of heavy-duty pallets (18) and to minimize interventions with a fork lift.


  • Heavy-duty forks can support up to 1500 lb compared to 900 lb with the previous design
  • 1.5 hp motor compared to 1 hp with previous design
  • High-quality guiding wheels decrease wear and related costs