Industrial VPN router for remote connectivity


Industrial VPN router for remote connectivity

It is possible to retrofit a stand-alone industrial VPN router (either in an existing panel or in a separate cabinet), allowing your remote staff and the Premier Tech technical support team to securely access your equipment via Internet for monitoring and troubleshooting, which will save you time and money!


Dial-up modems communicating via the public switched analog telephone network


VPN remote, requiring only access to the Internet.* Using Internet implies the use of virtual private network VPN tunneling to ensure secure IP connections. This solution features user authentication to the web-based server and SSL data encryption to ensure data integrity.


  • Easy to set up, start and grow
  • No need for IT experts’ assistance
  • No firewall issues: outgoing connections only via HTTPS port 443 or UDP port 1194
  • Fully secure VPN and reliable connection
  • Stand-alone: does not require integration of the VPN with your network
  • Isolates industrial equipment from the rest of your network
  • Maintenance-free, robust, simple, low-cost solution for industrial networks
  • Cost reduction: no initial investment (uses Ethernet, standard technologies and off-the-shelf products) and no recurring costs