NXT Conversion Kit for existing DM to NXT Weight Controller Retrofit For Bulk Bag Fillers


The NXT Conversion Kit converts the obsolete existing DM weight controller to the current NXT style weight controller. The NXT Conversion Kit is easily adjusted for bag weight chan ges, calibration, and printer capabilities.


Current Design
Bulk Bag Fillers (P1000, S1000, & MBS1000 models) that have existing obsolete “DM” weight controllers.



Upgraded Design
The NXT weight controller is the current state of the art weight controller used in Stonepak Bulk Bag Fillers. The troubleshooting method is similar to that of PLC based
systems and familiar to maintenance personnel. The weight controller also provides a user friendly interface that has many features.



  • Available for II-G-1/2 hazardous environments
  • Available with RS232 or Ethernet output comms.
  • Uses current 120VAC solenoid valves
  • Fully compatible with existing PLC program on S1000 and MBS1000
  • Keeps existing 4 intermediate setting weight points
  • Directly replaces obsolete “DM” controller