NXT Conversion Kit for existing legacy DM/MP/E/DD style weight controllers


The NXT Conversion Kit converts an existing DM / MP / E / DD weight controller style to a fully electronically weight controlled filler. Uses the existing load cell assembly and filling components. The NXT Conversion Kit is easily adjusted for bag weight changes, calibration, and printer capabilities. Bulk/Dribble and weight feed back provides means for added accuracy, and the fully electronic valves typically improve weight accuracy from the existing pneumatic valves.

Current Design
Basic Packer designs that have existing weight controller styles: ‘‘DM’’, ‘‘MP’’, ‘‘E’’, or ‘‘DD’’.

Upgraded Design
The NXT weight controller includes an upgrade to fully electronic solenoid operated air valves. The troubleshooting method is similar to that of PLC based systems and familiar to maintenance personnel. The weight controller also provides a user friendly interface that has many features. Bulk and dribble product flow greatly enhances the accuracy of the filled bags.


  • Converts a pneumatic packer to a full electronic weight controlled filler
  • All electronically controlled timers and solenoid valves, no pneumatic logic
  • Displays final bag weight
  • Uses 24VDC control voltage for valves and I/O
  • Allows weight settings to be seen and monitored
  • Improves accuracy
  • Can replace obsolete DM, MP, E, & DD controllers
  • Available for II-G-1/2 hazardous environments
  • Available with RS232 or Ethernet output comms.