Pinch Tube Fail Safe Mechanism (for All Style AIR and Impeller packers)


Current Design
Loss of compressed air or electrical power can result in pinch tube working open. If the product is fluid and the pinch tube is open, the entire bin of product could be drained onto the floor.

Upgraded Design
Springs are added to ensure that the pinch tube stays closed; they effectively block the product pressure during a loss of compressed air. This is an important safety feature that should be utilized with all air and impeller packers operating with easily fluidized powders.


  • Easily installed onto existing cutoff mechanisms
  • Self contained, uses springs to insure cutoff stays closed
  • Cleaner operation by eliminating product discharge onto the floor by pinch tube cutoff mechanism opening at loss of air pressure
  • Eliminates labor cost of cleaning spilled product due to pinch tube openings