PINSONIC Retrofit Kit (920 to Pinsonic for models US2000, US2001, US2001, & Cleanpak-I)


Previous Design
The original 900 Series Actuator and its spare parts have become discontinued as they are no longer manufactured. 15 scfm of air purge was required to keep the actuator clear of dust. Internal optical switches were difficult to access and maintain. 



Updated Design
Our new Pinsonic design is very dust tolerant – no air purge is required! The Ultrasonic Components carry an IP68 washdown rating. The new design also uses industrial guide rails and positions all components for easy access. In order to avoid downtimes, it is important to keep in mind that the delivery time for this retrofit is approximately 10-12 weeks. For models US2000, US2001, US2001, & Cleanpak-I.




  • Industrial designed motion components
  • No actuator enclosure air purge required
  • Impervious to product dust contamination
  • New Ultrasonic Power Supply fits inside the existing Electrical Component Enclosure with NO enclosure modifications