Previous Design

  1. Film roll changeovers forced the halt of production.
  2. Frequent film roll changeovers were required because the bagger could not support larger rolls. Better autonomy would mean higher productivity.
  3. The film did not stay centered on the roll as it would unwind (telescopic effect).

Updated Design

The Pneumatic Film Roll Support achieves quick changeovers by activating a simple manual valve that lifts the film roll directly from the ground
or pallet into the correct position. It reduces changeover time by more than 50%. The stronger pneumatic film roll system can also support bigger film rolls which increase the bagger self-sufficiency by more than 45%.


  • Safe and easy to operate, no additional lifting device needed
  • Reduced risk of injury due to heavy film roll manipulation
  • No telescopic effect with film rolls when winding tension is reduced
  • Optional: Second unwinding shaft makes film roll changeover even faster